20 September 2017

Contest 1

Poetry Contest

Saturnalia Books

The winner of the 2017 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize is Libby Burton's Soft Volcano.
The winner of the 2017 Saturnalia Books Editors Prize is Benjamín Kingsleys' After the Aftermath.

Contest Closed until 2018

Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize Guidelines


We no longer accept submissions via mail.

Simultaneous sumbissions accepted.




  • 1. Manuscript must be an original work of poetry written in English.
  • 2. Manuscript must be at least 48 pages in length (not including foreword material).
  • 3. Author’s name and contact information must not appear anywhere on manuscript.
  • 4. Include an acknowledgments page. If your manuscript is a finalist, the acknowledgments page will be removed before it is sent to the judge.
  • 5. Electronic submission fee is $30. No refunds will be given to any manuscripts withdrawn from the competition after April 10 deadline.
  • 6. Former students who have studied "poetry writing" with the judge are ineligible to enter. Friends and family of the judge are also ineligible.
  • 7. Contest winner will be announced in July on the Saturnalia Books website and via email. Please do not contact Saturnalia Books regarding your submission status before August 1.

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