20 September 2017

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Each Chartered Street


Author Sebastian Agudelo

Soft Cover, 5 1/2" x 7 1/2", 80 pages

ISBN: 978-0-98133686

A second collection that turns over and cracks open the underbelly of American urban neighborhoods.

Sebastian Agudelo is the author of To the Bone, winner of the 2008 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Mark Doty. He teaches at University of the Arts and lives with his wife and daughter in Philadelphia

Price $15.00


Sebastian Agudelo’s second book engages a documentary poetics to dissect an inner city neighborhood and explore the social, political economic tensions and affinities as well as search for the humanness of living together. The books is bracketed by an introductory section that looks to the past to contextualize and complicate the contemporary questions, and a closing section that looks to the future for a more global and environmental definition of what a neighbor might be. As Daisy Fried writes, “Each Chartered Street is a complicated, wonderful, humanist book about urban life and urban characters, novelistic in its reach, intricate in its lingo, literary in its references, and alive to the troubled streets of Philadelphia. Do put it on your list.”


If you want to study the nature of power and appetite, the economics of eating and serving, where better to look than the restaurant kitchen? Sebastian Agudelo locates his lyric inquiry into the intersections between food and class in the steamy back rooms where the immigrant poor wash the dishes while meals rife with information about culture and history are carried to the tables of those who can pay the bill. Inventive, politically alert, both disenchanted and compassionate, Agudelo invites Whitman and Auden behind the scenes, into the aspiration, struggle and resignation behind the swinging doors. To the Bone is an unexpected, bracing debut." —Mark Doty "Sebastian Agudelo, by concentrating on cooking, has found a way to synthesize the various strata of an entire society, and, as well, to accommodate a poetic language of remarkable range and density. To the Bone is, at its heart, a meditation on the human cost of the finest things. Richly allusive, consumately literate, as passionate as it is intelligent, it reads like an aria." —Rodney Jones His work is expertly crafted and will connect with readers, making To the Bone unique and enjoyable. —Midwest Book Review Both poet and chef, Agudelo scrubs and knifes language with utmost skill.... Perhaps nowhere since Proust do lines stoke or stroke the senses with such clarity and sensuality as they do here...

- Gary Cohen, Lana Turner