20 September 2017

Thumb midnights large



Author Jane Miller

Soft Cover, 3 color illus. 6 3/4 x 9", 112 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9754990-6-1

The fourth in Saturnalia Books Poet/Artist Collaboration Series

The fourth in Saturnalia Books Poet/Artist Collaboration Series

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Poet Jane Miller collaborates with artist Beverly Pepper on a highly personal journey through the debris of the poet’s crumbling relationship, and her mother’s descent into illness. Beautifully rendered poems and short chapters of poetic prose combine with Pepper’s chalk and oil drawings to form an intimate and unique meditation on the nature of love, of heartache, of the many midnights we, each and every one of us, live through and carry with us through our lives. “The goal is not to make sense of, but art of this story,” writes poet C.D. Wright in her introduction. “The goal is not to make a story but to experience the whole mess. There are mental sufferings and physical sufferings to go through; to apprehend if one can. There are the spent casings of history to sift through, pick up and examine. Calm-like, hysterical, forensic. This life not just a worn passage.” In the end, the light shines through Miller’s midnights and the rewards of passing through the darkness with her are countless.


An absorbing performance of art taken to the brink. There is nothing prosaic about Midnights. No one is simply cooking carrots; rather all of its parts contribute to a gestalt of living, loving and losing in a reel of feeling that nonetheless attains a bracing lucidity. This is an incandescent text, and Beverly Pepper’s drawings hold its ardor to its mark.

- C.D. Wright