19 August 2017

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The Girls of Peculiar


Author Catherine Pierce

Soft Cover, 5.5 x 7.5, 80 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9833686-2-5

The newest offering, full of wit and wisdom, from the award winning author of Famous Last Words.

The newest offering, full of wit and wisdom, from the award-winning author of Famous Last Words

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In Catherine Pierce’s most peculiar second collection, we enter a world of longing and destruction, of death and rebirth, and of wonderfully odd girls—girls who read too much, who drink too much or not enough, who craft necklaces from earwigs and wring nostalgia from Spiro Agnew. These are poems of questions and restlessness, but also of answers of a sort. As Beth Ann Fennelly writes, “[t]he big themes here—self identity, desire, escape—are illuminated with clarity, scored musically, and enlivened with wit. The Girls of Peculiar is a fabulous book.” Catherine Pierce is the author of Famous Last Words (Saturnalia Books, 2008), winner of the 2007 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize selected by John Yau. Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, including The Best American Poetry 2011. She lives in Starkville, Mississippi, where she co-directs the creative writing program at Mississippi State University.


Every word in The Girls teeters on the edge of the conversational and the crafted, always after art but resistant to artifice.

- Emilia Phillips Diode