The Bright Invisible

Michael Robins

This We in the Back of the House

Jacob Sunderlin

Dolore Minimo

Giovanna Cristina Vivinetto

Translated by Gabriella Fee and Dora Malech

Saturnalia Updates and News

Our spring books have arrived! Visit the Bookshop for Michael Robins’ The Bright Invisible, Jacob  Sunderlin’s This We in the Back of the House and Giovanna Cristina Vivinetto’s Dolore Minimo, translated by Gabriella Fee and Dora Malech.

We are ecstatic to announce the winners of our 2022 poetry contest!

  • Jared Stanley | So Tough |  Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Roberto Tejada
  • Andrea Jurjević | In Another Country | Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize, selected by Roberto Tejada
  • Travis MossottiApocryphal Genesis |  Alma Book Award
  • Katy Lederer | The Engineers | Alma Book Award

As always, we read countless amazing manuscripts and we are so grateful to everyone who trusted us with their work.  A special congratulations goes to our finalists: Christopher Brunt, Brian Clifton, Sara Akant, Nancy Miller Gomez, Gabriel Gudding, Makmak Faunlagui, Michael Chang, Dorothy Chan, Lance Larsen, Philip Schaefer, Stephanie Brown and Aerik Francis.

A huge congratulations to our poets, who in spring 2022 were all finalists for:

  • The Kate Tufts Discovery Award | Diamond Forde, Mother Body
  • Colorado Book Award | Kimberly O’Connor, White Lung
  • The Griffin Poetry Prize | Gemma Gorga and Sharon Dolin, Late to the House of Words

We’re thrilled to announce the winner of our 2021 Malinda A. Markham TranslationPrize: Dolore Minimo, written by Giovanna Cristina Vivinetto and co-translated from Italian by Dora Malech and Gabriella Fee.

We read many amazing manuscripts and are grateful to everyone who shared their work with us.  A special congratulations goes to our finalists: Lena Kallergi, translated by Heather Altfeld; Maya Tevet Dayan, translated by Jane Medved; and Samantha Barendson, co-translated by Jaime Zuckerman and Christine H. Chen; and Inna Kabysh, translated by Katherine E. Young.

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