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2020 Saturnalia Books Subscription

For the price of four books, you get all five!

Throughout 2020, we are thrilled to publish Kayleb Rae Candrilli’s All the Gay Saints, Alexis Ivy’s Taking the Homeless Census, Kristi Maxwell’s My My, Michael Robin’s People You May Know and Catherine Pierce’s Danger Days.

You don’t want to miss any of these stunning poetry collections, and with our 2020 subscription, you won’t! By signing up, you get all five books for the cost of only four — mailed right to your door.

The first three books will be shipped in the spring; the last two books will land in your mailbox this fall.

Saturnalia Library

All the Gay Saints

Kayleb Rae Candrilli

My My

Kristi Maxwell

Taking the Homeless Census

Alexis Ivy

Let it Ride

Timothy Liu


Robert Ostrom

Colonize Me

Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley

Gravity Assist

Martha Silano

The Popular Vote

Star Black

The Identity Thief

Derek Mong

For Hunger

Margaret Ronda

Live at the Bitter End

Ed Pavlić

Soft Volcano

Libby Burton

I Think I’m Ready to See Frank Ocean

Shayla Lawson

The Bosses

Sebastian Agudelo

The New Nudity

Hadara Bar-Nadav


Cortney Lamar Charleston

The True Book of Animal Homes

Allison Titus

Sweet Insurgent

Elyse Fenton

Plucking the Stinger

Stephanie Rogers

The Tornado is The World

Catherine Pierce

Ritual and Bit

Robert Ostrom

Heat Wake

Jason Zuzga

Steal it Back

Sandra Simonds

In Memory of Brilliance & Value

Michael Robins

Industry of Brief Distraction

Laurie Saurborn Young


Jay Nebel

Don’t Go Back to Sleep

Timothy Liu

That Our Eyes Be Rigged

Kristi Maxwell

Reckless Lovely

Martha Silano

Thieves in the Afterlife

Kendra DeColo

Each Charted Street

Sebastian Agudelo

A Spell of Songs

Peter Jay Shippy

Lullaby (with Exit Sign)

Hadara Bar-Nadav

No Object

Natalie Shapero

Arco Iris

Sarah Vap

Nowhere Fast

William Kulik

My Scarlet Ways

Tanya Larkin

The Girls of Peculiar

Catherine Pierce

Ladies & Gentlemen

Michael Robins


Debora Kuan

The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

Martha Silano

Other Romes

Derek Mong

Faulkner’s Rosary

Sarah Vap

Velleity’s Shade

Star Black and Bill Knott


Margaret Ronda


Lara Glenum and Arielle Greenberg

Tsim Tsum

Sabrina Orah Mark

Hush Sessions

Kristi Maxwell

To the Bone

Sebastian Agudelo


Timothy Liu and Greg Dasler

Letters to Poets

Jennifer Firestone and Diana Teen Lomax


Jane Miller

Famous Last Words

Catherine Pierce

Days of Unwilling

Cal Bedient

Stigmta Errata Etcetera

Bill Knott and Star Black

Dummy Fire

Sarah Vap

Ing Grish

John Yau and Thomas Nozkowski


Kathleen Gruber


Tomaž Šalamun and Metka Krašovec

The Babies

Sabrina Orah Mark

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