Andra Rotaru

Andra Rotaru is a poet and author of a number of projects in collaboration at the intersection of arts: the dance performance Lemur, presented in the US and across Europe by the choreographer Robert Tyree; the documentary All Together, produced during the International Writing Program 2014; the photography project Photo-letter pairing, involving the Iowa community and IWP writers. Rotaru is also the author of Într-un pat sub cearsaful alb (In a Bed Under the White Sheet, 2005); En una cama bajo la sábana blanca (the Spanish translation of her debut volume, 2008); Tinuturile sudului (Southern Lands, 2010); and Lemur (2012). She was awarded The Best Young Poet of Year Award at The Writers’ Gala in Bucharest (2013) for Lemur. In 2018, Lemur was published in English by Action Books, translated by Florin Bican, and Tribar will be published in 2022 in German by Elif Verlag, translated by Alexandru Bulucz.