Derek Mong

Derek Mong is the author of two poetry collections from Saturnalia Books—Other Romes (2011) and The Identity Thief (2018)—and a chapbook of Latin adaptations from Two Sylvias Press: The Ego and the Empiricist (2017). The Byron K. Trippet Assistant Professor of English at Wabash College, he has held poetry fellowships at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Louisville. His work appears widely: the Kenyon ReviewBlackbird, Pleiades, At Length, Two Lines, and Arion. He and his wife, Anne O. Fisher, received the 2018 Cliff Becker Translation Award for The Joyous Science: Selected Poems of Maxim Amelin(White Pine Press), and currently live with their son in Crawfordsville, Indiana. He blogs at the Kenyon Review Online.

The Identity Thief

Other Romes