The Malinda A. Markham Translation Prize

This translation prize honors the life and work of award-winning poet and translator Malinda A. Markham. The award is generously funded by Jennifer S. Epstein.

Information you need to know:

$2000 and publication by Saturnalia Books


  1. Manuscript must be a translation by a female translator of a female poet. Female is interpreted as anyone who identifies as female, including AFAB nonbinary, genderfluid, agender, and intersex. 
  2. Manuscript must be an original collection of poetry from one author in any language translated into English. This includes single collections as well as selected works. In the case of a selected collection, please ensure that one does not already exist in English.
  3. Manuscript must be a length of 48-120 pages of translated poems  (not including foreword material).
  4. While you are welcome to include the original poems in your submission, only the English translations will be considered during the awards process. We guarantee publication of an English-only version, but will work with the winner to determine if a bilingual edition is a better fit.
  5. The name of the original poet must be included on cover page.
  6. The translator’s name must not appear in the manuscript, including any front material. 
  7. More than one translator is acceptable, so long as all translators identify as female, including AFAB nonbinary, genderfluid, agender, and intersex.
  8. Manuscript must include an acknowledgments page, if applicable.
  9. Do not include a foreword or afterword at this time. The winner will have the opportunity to work with Saturnalia Books’ editors on this material during the editing process.
  10. Online fee is $25. No refunds will be given to any withdrawn manuscripts.
  11. Translator must have written permission from either the original poet or their estate, unless the original work is in the public domain.
  12. Contest winner will be announced on the Saturnalia Books website and via email. Please do not contact Saturnalia Books regarding your submission status before January 1.
  13. By submitting to the contest, you agree to be added to Saturnalia Books’ email list.
  14. Submissions will only be accepted electronically.
  15. The winning manuscript will be chosen by Saturnalia Books’ editors. Saturnalia Books editors’ also reserve the right not to select a manuscript.
          Submissions are currently closed. Contest opens September 25th.
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